Woking Cats at Home was setup in 2018 by Martin and Christine, a husband and wife partnership, and is Woking's first dedicated cat sitting service. We realise that there is a demand for a cat only service as other services in the area are primarily for dogs whilst the cat’s requirements are classed as secondary, as it is normally perceived that cats can look after themselves.

The reason why we do not provide a service for dog walking is that we do not want your cats to smell a dog’s scent on our clothing or hands. Furthermore, we can provide a more dedicated and personal one-to-one service for your cat(s).

Before you hand over your keys you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be dealing with someone you can trust, as we have the following in place.



Q Is Woking Cats at Home part of a national company?
A No, Woking Cats at Home is a private owned and an independent company. National companies sell franchises based on post code areas. The setup of these franchises can run in to tens of thousands of pounds, with several thousands of pounds in annual fees. They can also take commission for each service the local franchise sells. These costs are therefore passed on to the customer, in higher fees for their services. There also the possibility for change in staff and the franchise being sold on, this means someone you don't know could turn up to feed your cats.


Q Why don't you use a special telephone number?
A When you call a 0871/0870/0845/0844 number you can pay up to 10p per minute, (40p per minute for mobiles). These are generally used by franchised companies or companies that want to make money from your calls, and the call can be routed to anywhere in the UK. Woking Cats at Home uses a standard 01483 Woking number, so you know your call will be answered in Woking, and not a national call centre.


Q Are you listed on any register?
A No. There are a lot of companies claiming to be an official register, however they make money from signing up pet sitters in each post code area. Some also charge the general public to search for a local pet sitter. Woking Cats at Home has expanded by word of mouth, vet recommendations, local advertising and of course Google.


Q Do you carry out pet sitting part time to fit around your permanent job?
A Woking Cats at Home is a full time job and therefore we can devote all our time to looking after your cats, without having to rush to fit in a typical 9-5 job.


Q I have seen vans driving around advertising pet sitting services, will you turn up in one?
A No. Woking Cats at Home's vehicles are privately owned and are not sign written, as we do not want to that your property is vacant whilst you are away.


Q Are there any hidden charges?
A No. There is no registration fee, no minimum charge, and no VAT, (as we are below the threshold for charging VAT).


Q Do you charge higher fees for weekends or bank holiday weekends?
A No. We don't increase our charges for weekends, or bank holiday weekends. We only increase our charges for 7 days per year for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.
Please see our Prices page for full details.


Q Do you double your price if you want two visits per day?
A No. Two visits per day are charged at £25 (up to two cats) and not £30 which is the double of £15.
Please see our Prices page for full details.